Fun ways to use our products!!

Here are some different ways you can use our products! Here are just some ideas on how to use our products. Of course there are many other ways our products can be used, only your imagination are our products limits. We would love to see you using our products in other ways we have not thought of yet, please send us pictures of you enjoying our products at for a free gift!

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Perfect for traveling

These photos are from multiple locations around the world, Austria (Vienna), Hungary (Budapest), Poland (Ostrowiec), Czech Republic and Mexico (Cancun)! Our canvas products make the perfect campaign and will make your traveling and sightseeing much easier!

our products help you live that florida coast lifestyle

Florida Coast isn’t just our brand, its a lifestyle. Bring our products to make you’re life even more luxurious than it is! Everyone will be looking at you asking where you got your bags from!

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going apple picking

Our canvas products are extremely durable, one activity our products are great for is apple or pear picking!! Can hold them perfectly and if the bags get dirty that are machine washable making the dirty or stain to come right out ready to use again as if it was brand new! Perfect product for the fall for outside activities.

Day at the beach

A customer favorite bag for the beach is the Navy tote (comes in small, large and extra large) Perfect bag to hold everything you need for you beach day, towel, clothes, water, food, sunscreen, whatever you need to make your day perfect. Also has a special feature’s including a inside zipper compartment for wallets and valuables and a key fob which keys your car or house keys in easy reach. Our other canvas products are great for the beach because of their durability. Perfect to collect sea shells with and play around with in the sand or water!

bucket beach.jpg



Have fun gardening with our Florida Coast Gloves! We have a huge variety of gloves, latex, vinyl, work gloves, and more! Contact us to get more details about our gloves!

By the fire during those cold winter days

Bringing wood in for your fire place can be a hassle. But there isn’t a bag more perfect for the job than our Lumber Jack Coal Bag! This bag can hold you’re heaviest logs and still be asking for more making you take less trips in and out of the house into the cold winter weather.

Lumber Jack Fire.JPG


getting all of your laundry done

Our Florida Coast Extra Large Tote Bag is great for many things, including doing laundry! It’s easy to procrastinate about doing laundry but it’s not hard getting all of your laundry to fit into this bag! No matter how much laundry you have our bag can hold it all!! Child friendly too!!

Going shopping!

Are you looking for a way to reduce your environmental impact while still getting your to-do list done? If so, our Florida Coast Bucket Bag is perfect for you! Rather than contribute to the 1.1 million animals that die from plastic related deaths a year, or the 8 million metric tons of plastic that end up in the ocean, this one bag makes a big difference. Reusable, American-made, affordable and fashionable, Florida Coast Bucket Bags help keep your hands free and our oceans clean!

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hat belmont ;).jpeg

The perfect hat for the derby!

You can’t go to a horse race without a fashionable hat on your head! Our Florida Coast Sun/Rain hat is perfect for the occasion! So easy to decorate with flowers, ribbons, etc. (decorated in photo) and perfect to wear on either a sunny day or a rainy day! Don’t let the weather ruin your day of horse race fun and get our canvas hat! Go buy one, have fun decorating it to make it your own original Florida Coast Hat and go show it off at the next horse race!

Cruising in style

If you are going on a short cruise or jumping from island to island in the Caribbean, our Florida Coast Navy Canvas tote will match your luxurious vacation lifestyle. On a cruise you never know when you feel like jumping in the pool or going to dinner, and whatever you are feeling like doing our tote can come with you and carry all the things you need, towels, wallet, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. The possibilities are endless! So go cruising with our tote!

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Island Adventure