no-bark collar

Detailed Directions



For the best results:

For the best results:

Place the No-Bark Collar on your dog's neck. The plastic unit should be sercurley placed under the chin.

After placing the collar on your pet:

Do not turn the unit on for 10 minutes, to avoid making your dog collar smart. Also, do not leave the collar on your pet for more than 8-10 hours. Turn the collar off for 10 minutes before removing from your pet.

REMOVE all other collars and tags while training.

Start your training by moving the Sounds/Vibration - OFF Switch to Vibration

Later on as your dog barks less, you can switch from VIBRATION to SOUND

The Sensitivity Switch gives you 3 levels of training, L, M and H. The L switch is for lower sensitivity. Move to M or H for more sensitivity as needed.

Begin your training on L for Low Sensitivity. As your dog becomes more trained you can slowly move to H and slowly wean your dog off the collar completely.

The action of your dog barking will now activate the collar.

Turn the unit switch to OFF when not in use to save battery life

Work with your pet.

When you see you pet react positively to the collar, praise him and give him now of his favorite treats.

Dogs learn through positive reinforcement, so do this often.

Reinforcement, praise and treats reward good behavior and soon your dog will stop the constant barking.

Be patient and follow our Directions and soon your dog will be trained and you will have quiet in your home once again.

It needs to be as snug as possible, but leaving enough room for one or two fingers.

It needs to be as snug as possible, but leaving enough room for one or two fingers.


Remember, this is a training collar and you can help.