About us

We ship in all 50 States and every corner of the world
— Matthew Deedon (President of Green Mountain Products)

Green Mountain Products 

Green Mountain Products is an old school New England manufacturing company.  Founded in 1972 in Norwalk, CT with just a single product. From this humble beginning,  Green Mountain quickly grew with its three division’s now offering  dozens of  high quality imaginative products.


Savvy planning to avoid heavy inventories, each new order is custom made.  We search out American vendors, supplying us with American made component parts making our products truly “Made in the USA”.  Even our staking and riveting machines, as are most of our sewing machines are made in the USA.


We have a dozen employees, all with families that are career lifers here. We treat the employees like a favored family member.  In turn, they treat our customers with gratitude, fully realizing that it they who got us to where we are today.


We look forward to having you join our Green Mountain Family and see

for yourself why we have earned the respect and loyalty of companies like ours.